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Sales & Marketing Skills For Hire

Find a pre-vetted sales and marketing freelancer for any task within your business.


Need help increasing your SEO rankings? A qualified SEO specialist can help create more backlinks and improve keyword content on your site.

Social Media

Want to take your social media presence to the next level? Hire a social media assistant to build out your strategy, regularly post content, and build partnerships.

Sales Assistant

Need more brainpower on your sales efforts? Hiring a sales assistant to research and contact leads can be a quick way to get more done faster.


Looking for someone to transcribe audio to text? Incluzion has qualified transcription freelancers ready to take on your project.

Lead Generation

Finding leads is half of the battle with sales. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone consistently adding new leads to your sales document?

Email Marketing

Hire a pre-vetted email marketing specialist to build out campaigns, write content, and manage your company newsletters.

Graphic Design

Hire a graphic designer to create your logo, design product packaging, build infographics, and much more.

3D Graphic Design

Have the need for 3d graphic design work? Finding someone from Incluzion is simple, affordable, and reliable.

Public Relations

Want more features in publications, news, and blogs? Hire a PR specialist to spread the word about your company to the relevant sources.


Need help with your Facebook account? Have a freelancer grow likes, build partnerships, set up groups, post content, and send you performance updates.


Instagram is blowing up! Are you on the platform yet? If not, find a pre-vetted Instagram guru to build your account and find new business.


Want to take Twitter posts off your plate? Pass it off to a reliable freelancer with a pulse on the Twitter marketplace.


Want to grow your professional presence on LinkedIn? Hire a LinkedIn freelancer to build your network, post relevant industry content, and improve the content on your profile.


Looking to get new business from Pinterest? Delegate the work of building boards and pinning to a Pinterest specialist.


A Youtube specialist can help to create your content calendar, create professional thumbnails, attract new subscribers, and optimize your video content for SEO purposes.


Want someone that can reach out to leads via phone? You’ve come to the right place.


Looking for a Mailchimp professional to run your email marketing? Find a pre-vetted specialist quickly from Incluzion.


Running your email marketing with Aweber? No problem…we’ve got specialists that can handle it for you.


Needing a freelancer that can manage the intricacies of your Infusionsoft email marketing strategies? Find someone perfect for the role with Incluzion.

Traffic Generation

Want more organic traffic to your website? Who doesn’t?! There are freelancers that can help solely with that.


Are you using Salesforce to manage your sales processes? There are many ways that a freelancer can help keep your account organized and efficient.

Web Research

Exploring a new stream of revenue? Put a freelancer to work researching the opportunity and providing you with a report to make decisions off of.

Sales Funnels

Find top ClickFunnels and sales funnels experts through the Incluzion Marketplace for your business.

How To Start Hiring Sales & Marketing Professionals

1. Submit a Request

Request the VA, freelancer, or agency you need. Meet a pre-vetted option within 1 biz day.

2. Hire the Best Fit

Have a 15-20 minute interview. Then hire the best VA, freelancer, or agency.

3. Milestones/Chat

Use Incluzion’s platform to set job payment milestones, chat, share files and more

4. Pay Securely

Money is held in escrow and only released to the freelancer when milestones are approved

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