What Kind of Work Can I Get?

Incluzion helps businesses from all over the country hire top talent for their business projects.

As a freelancer, you can offer over 85 different skill sets at the hourly or fixed rate that you set yourself.

○ Ecommerce
○ Amazon
○ Sales & Marketing
○ Web Development
○ Web Design
○ Content Creation

○ Advertising
○ Admin Support
○ Accounting
○ Cryptocurrency
○ Translation

1. Apply to Join the Incluzion Marketplace

Get started by filling out the Incluzion freelancer application.

Get the process started by submitting an application to become a freelancer or agency on the marketplace.

You’ll receive a response from the Freelancer Success team within 1-2 days letting you know if you’ve been invited to an interview.

2. Interview With Incluzion

Schedule a time and interview with an Incluzion representative.

You’ll schedule a time with an Incluzion rep and meet with them for 30-45 minutes talking about your past experience, core skill sets, and communication methods.

Please arrive on time, share your story, and ask any questions you have about finding work through the Incluzion platform.

You’ll be notified within 24 business hours if you’ve been invited to the final stage of the application process.

3. Pass the Best Practices and Terms of Use Test

Pass a test proving your knowledge of Incluzion’s Terms of Use and Best Practices.

You’ll be provided with a copy of Incluzion’s Freelancer Best Practices and Terms of Use to study and understand.

You’ll then be given a test to pass proving your understanding of the material.

Once you pass the test, you’ll be welcomed to the Incluzion community.

4. Gain Access to the Incluzion Community

Get access to your Incluzion account and set up a payment method.

An Incluzion assistant will reach out to help you set up your Incluzion account and introduce you to the marketplace.

5. Browse and Land Client Projects

View all client projects being requested and get introduced to clients.

Browse the Open Projects Board in your Incluzion account and apply to projects that fit your expertise and hourly rate.

Interview with clients and land new projects as they become available each day.

If a client likes you, they will hire you directly through your Incluzion account and they’ll be added to your account so that you can bill for work.

6. Complete Milestones & Get Paid

Payments are sent to the account you set up.

Receive payments directly to the account set up on your Incluzion profile. Get paid when the client approves milestones connected with your work.

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Top Skills at Incluzion

Amazon Experts
eBay Experts
Customer Service
Amazon Vendor Central
Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Jet
Social Media Management
Marketing Expert
Graphic Design
SEO & Adwords
Video & Audio Editing

Facebook Ads Expert
Email Marketing Expert
Click Funnels
Shopify Development
WooCommerce Development
Wix eCommerce
WordPress Development
Front End Development
Back End Development
Software Development
Mobile App Development

Virtual Assistants
Excel Experts
Data Entry
Project Managers
Lead generation
Content creator
3D graphic design