Posted on August 7, 2020

Business Analytics Intern

Location: US

  • Job type: Freelance
  • Budget Type: hourly
  • Price Per Hour: $12
  • Hours Per Week: 10
  • Experience: $$ Intermediate
  • Job Flexibility: Freelance
  • Category:

Employer:"; style="text-decoration:none;">Incluzion"; style="text-decoration:none;">About Us

Role Type: Freelance/Internship

Compensation: $10-12/hr

Location: Remote

Hours: Flexible with a weekly team meeting on Mondays at 8pm EST

Job Title: Business Analytics Intern


Incluzion is seeking a motivated business analytics Intern who is ready to apply knowledge of business practices, analytics, and processes in a fast-paced, real-world environment. The Intern will assist in conducting research, analyzing metrics and data, writing reports, and making recommendations to improve effectiveness and efficiency. This will be a valuable experience for any student pursuing a career in business analytics and strategy management.

What you will do:

  • Analyze business goals, objectives, and metrics, working with stakeholders from across all business units at Incluzion

  • Financial Projections: Estimate costs and benefits of multiple actions and/or solutions and provide recommendations

  • Help plan and design business processes and make recommendations for improvement

  •  Assist in resolving business issues using systems and data

  •   Support for 2021 Strategic Planning process

  • May perform additional projects upon request

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Business Analytics or related major or graduate

  •  Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  •  Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills

  •  Expertise with lean six sigma

  • Strong excel skills


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