Posted on August 7, 2020

Business Development Intern

Location: US

  • Job type: Freelance
  • Budget Type: hourly
  • Price Per Hour: $12
  • Hours Per Week: 10
  • Experience: $$ Intermediate
  • Job Flexibility: Freelance
  • Category: Sales & Marketing

Employer:"; style="text-decoration:none;">Incluzion"; style="text-decoration:none;">About Us

Role Type: Freelance/Internship

Compensation: % of sales 

Location: Remote

Hours: Flexible with a weekly team meeting on Mondays at 8pm EST

Job Title: Business Development Intern


Do you have the confidence, creativity and tenacity to hunt for new customers? Are you curious, open minded and obsessed with finding a better way? Do you have the competitive drive to be your best, every day? We are looking for high-energy professionals to join our Business Development Team as an Intern.

As an Incluzion Business Development Intern you are a critical component of our go-to-market and growth strategy. The BDI role presents an outstanding opportunity to learn fundamental sales skills in preparation for an exciting career in business development/sales. BDI’s are responsible for creating and qualifying viable business opportunities while acting as a Brand Ambassador of our mission and values. 

Within 6 months:

Your ultimate goal is to drive new sales opportunities for our"; style="text-decoration:none;">remote jobs board,"; style="text-decoration:none;">learning platform, and diversity recruitment services through lead generation & outreach/outbound activities.

  • Drive New Sales Opportunities

    • Establish and execute the cadence of research, prospecting, and emails to meet targets

    • Learn and demonstrate sales qualifying techniques and product knowledge to understand the prospects’ challenges and priorities

    • Within the first month generate at least 10 leads. For each weekly team meeting provide prospecting notes and prepare an intro to effectively run the meeting

  • Deliver a World-Class Experience for Prospective Customers

    • Learn basics of Incluzion product offerings and messaging within the first two weeks. Be in a position to present/role play with peers for input and approval

    • Exceed new business opportunity targets by perfecting value-added engagement techniques

    • Collaborate with Executives to develop strategies and best practices to improve execution

    • Utilize customer relationship management software to manage accounts and activities

  • Define and Optimize Buyers’ Journey

    • Validate the buyers’ journey for each of our product offerings by collecting key pieces of information about your sales process experience.

    • Report to sales and marketing leadership on buying patterns with our core target markets

    • Define which communication channels are most effective in reaching key targets

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Ability to effectively leverage relevant social media channels to promote Incluzion and engage target customers’

  • Highly competitive and self-motivated

  • Eager to learn and understand new products and technology

  • Exceptional communication and relationship building skills

  • Strategic thinker with effective time management skills


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