Posted on September 26, 2020

Business Development / Lead Generation – Linkedin

Location: US

  • Job type: Freelance
  • Budget Type: hourly
  • Price Per Hour: $10
  • Hours Per Week: 25
  • Experience: $ Entry
  • Job Flexibility: Freelance
  • Category: Sales & Marketing

Employer: Incluzion | About Us

Role Type: Freelance/Internship

Hours: Flexible with a weekly team meeting on Mondays at 8pm EST

Job Title: Linkedin Leads Generation Intern

Vidoe Overvierw of Duties:


Do you have the confidence, creativity and tenacity to hunt for new customers? Are you curious, open minded and obsessed with finding a better way? Do you have the competitive drive to be your best, every day? We are looking for high-energy professionals to join our Business Development Team as an Intern.

As an Incluzion Lead Generation Intern you are a critical component of our go-to-market and growth strategy. The BDI role presents an outstanding opportunity to learn fundamental sales skills in preparation for an exciting career in business development/sales. BDIs are responsible for creating and qualifying viable business opportunities while acting as a Brand Ambassador of our mission and values. 

Within 6 months:

Your ultimate goal is to drive new sales opportunities for our remote jobs board, learning platform, and diversity recruitment services through lead generation & outreach/outbound activities.

  • Drive New Sales Opportunities

    • Establish and execute the cadence of research, prospecting, and emails to meet targets

    • Learn and demonstrate sales qualifying techniques and product knowledge to understand the prospects challenges and priorities

    • Within the first month generate at least 10 leads. For each weekly team meeting provide prospecting notes and prepare an intro to effectively run the meeting

  • Deliver a World-Class Experience for Prospective Customers

    • Learn basics of Incluzion product offerings and messaging within the first two weeks. Be in a position to present/role play with peers for input and approval

    • Exceed new business opportunity targets by perfecting value-added engagement techniques

    • Collaborate with Executives to develop strategies and best practices to improve execution

    • Utilize customer relationship management software to manage accounts and activities

  • Define and Optimize Buyers Journey

    • Validate the buyers journey for each of our product offerings by collecting key pieces of information about your sales process experience.

    • Report to sales and marketing leadership on buying patterns with our core target markets

    • Define which communication channels are most effective in reaching key targets

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Ability to effectively leverage relevant social media channels to promote Incluzion and engage target customers

  • Highly competitive and self-motivated

  • Eager to learn and understand new products and technology

  • Exceptional communication and relationship building skills

  • Strategic thinker with effective time management skills



Onome is a Business Development Specialist with a demonstrated expertise in the Oil& Gas, FMCG and Banking Sector. She is experienced in implementing marketing plans in order to maximize business performance and increase sales, outstanding knowledge of the technical side of [the field], market demands and effective organizational structure of businesses, leads generation, follow up and closing leads, customer acquisition and retention, client and government relations. Onome is skilled in contract and tender management, negotiation, operation management,business planning,B2B, B2C and a broad background in account management.

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