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About The Job

Were looking for a client success manager + associate coach to onboard new clients and manage + coach our existing clients.

If youre hardworking, love to teach, provide rave-worthy client service, and are highly organized, then this position is for you! 

About Our Company

Satya Purna Inc ( is an online coaching company that helps freelancers and consultants create multiple 6-figure businesses – through various online coaching, courses and educational programs.  

Whats it like to work with us?

There are tons of perks when you join the Satya Purna Team:

Work from home 90%+ of the time, which means no commute, more free time, and a cozier life!

You will be working in an environment that encourages personal + professional development. Satya will regularly be sharing with you opportunities to upgrade your skills, take better care of yourself and have more fun in general. Youre free to suggest resources, too!

You have space to exercise your creativity, improve our customer experience and be closely involved in the development of our programs.

Youll attend company retreats where we have fun, brainstorm and make plans.

Youll be working closely with clients in a rewarding + fulfilling manner – as we see them grow into calmer, richer, happier entrepreneurs who are grateful for the work we do with them. 

Job Description

Refer to job description here: 

Application Instructions

We will likely get 50+ resumes for this role and we just don’t have time to interview every candidate, so make this stand out if you want a job that will change the trajectory of your life! Fill out our Airtable Application form:

Attach your cover letter and resume with minimum compensation requirements (in the same document). Just be straight forward and tell us what you need to make – saves us all time and lets us know if you are the kind of straight shooter we like to work with.

Include a link to a video on why you are the best person for this job. The video is optional, but highly recommended.



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