Posted on October 26, 2020

Copywriter u2013 Content Marketing Associate


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Were looking for more frogs.

You might be wondering what it takes to be a frog in our pond. Heres the gist. Were born marketers. Were certified in our craft. We inspire each other with our love for the trade. And, we live these values every day.Frogs in our pond are team players who are humbly confident and dependable. We have can-do attitudes and strive for excellence while always doing the right thing. Were you born to be a Sagefrog?

Oh, and youre probably wondering about our benefits. Dont worry.We offer all the good stuff like competitive compensation packages including 401k with company matching and profit sharing, plus paid health, dental and vision insurance. But at the end of the day, we know our culture is the real benefit. Weve been voted a Best Place to Work and are the highest-rated OpenCompany agency on in the region. Theres also no lack of team building in our pond. You can find us toasting to big wins and little accomplishments with happy hours, birthday celebrations, charity activities, holiday and barn parties, massages, yoga and meditation sessions, beer making, culinary classes, offsite meetings and leadership training.

If we sound like a fit, email us your resume at [email protected] apply below.

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Copywriter Content Marketing Associate
From the frogs

Sagefrog is unlike any other workplace. The quality of work we produce is incredibleit makes you leave each workday feeling fulfilled and accomplished, knowing that your day was well spent. Combine that with the culture, and you have a company that youre proud to work for. In my experience, most jobs represent a place people cant wait to escape from at the end of the day. Sagefrog, however, feels like an extension of my everyday life; Im myself, Im doing what I love, and my work-life balance is fluid. For passionate marketers, it doesnt get any better than Sagefrog.

This business understands that its people are its greatest assets and it shows in the way it celebrates achievements and works hard to ensure each team member has a voice. The operating system we use gives everyone a chance to speak up about challenges with their work, tools, and tasks and I feel

strongly that if I seek help or guidance from my immediate manager, leadership, or other team members, I will receive it. A drama-free, caring team that comes together to deliver outstanding work is the reason why I feel very lucky every day to have found a home in Sagefrog.

Sagefrog is my first salaried place of work and I am extremely happy. My managers and peers take pride in my personal development and are extremely supportive. Recently I had a shocking family death and they were so understanding and supportive of me. There are so many wonderful things that make this a great place to work. I am so fortunate that Im in an environment where I feel comfortable and supported.

I enjoy working for Sagefrog. I believe this organization to be more employee-focused than most of the companies I have worked for. The people who run the company are great human beings and encourage an open and honest atmosphere. They also go to great lengths to make their clients happy. Overall, I feel honored to work here.

Sagefrog is a great place to work for so many reasons. The top reasons that come to mind include the Companys work-life balance and efficient production of quality work. This business model allows the work to be engaging and rewarding while keeping any stresses in perspective of a greater life picture.

Best job Ive ever had in the more than 20 years Ive been in the workforce. These talented people are all very good at their jobs, and if someone has an issue, we work out solutions that make sense for all. Love this team and how we all work together.

The companys leadership really recognizes and applauds the strengths of its team members, values them on a personal level and wants to see them succeed professionally. Im proud to be a part of such a closely knit business that warmly welcomes new team members and works hard to find how they best fit into the company. The culture is fun and the environment encourages continued professional growth and thought leadership.

Sagefrog is full of motivational and educated people allowing us to be best in class at what we offer. The combination of these things has allowed Sagefrog to see much success and growth as a company, allowing it to be a great organization to work for.

Sagefrog is a great place to work because they utilize their assets wisely and continue to grow and succeed. All the while they care about their employees and understand the importance of having a good work-life balance.

Sagefrog Marketing Group has cultivated a workplace environment that is collaborative and respectful. Our team is a group of well-rounded marketing professionals, that possess impressive knowledge and expertise that help our clients reach their marketing and business objectives.

1. The structure at Sagefrog allows me to have a voice. 2. Leadership trusts me to do the job I was hired to do. 3. My boss is in the trenches with me everyday working toward the same goals. 4. All of my coworkers are friendly people.

Sagefrog is such a unique place and a 2nd home to me. Suzanne and Mark (owners) have worked hard to make this a wonderful environment and its evident. My time here is enjoyable and among friends.

What is amazing about Sagefrog is that everyone cares, not just about the work, but about the culture and the people. There is such strong integrity throughout, not just in each days work, yet also in the future of the company and all who are a part of it.

Sagefrog has always been a great place to work, but recently it has grown up in ways that directly contribute to employee recognition and peer accountability, making it that much better. Ive never been more proud to be a frog.

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