Posted on August 25, 2020

Data Scientist


  • Job type: Contract
  • Hiring From: U.S
  • Salary: $75/hr
  • Category: Software Development
  • Data Preparation & Cleansing Data Preparation Other - Data Science & Analytics Data Extraction / ETL Data Visualization

We are looking to hire our first Data Scientist to join our team. The position is contract-to-hire

for the first four months while working remotely from any location.

You might be our ideal candidate if you have first-hand knowledge of diversity, equity, and
inclusion practices within corporate environments. Maybe you’ve been asked to help with
different hiring initiatives, or you’ve had to sit through one too many DEI training sessions that
didn’t speak to the realities of your experience. Your work, which will touch on data science and
project management, will lay the groundwork for our company’s technical research practice by
helping us scale and automate our survey analysis process! This is a unique opportunity to
create and grow into your ideal role—be it as an individual contributor, Lead Researcher, Data
Science Manager, Product Manager, or something else.

Join ​our team​ and launch a first of its kind Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) solution to help HR
professionals build the world’s most inclusive workplaces.

Responsibilities & Outcomes

Months 1-2

● Get familiar with our data through exploratory analysis, help select appropriate analysis

techniques, create sample data visuals that exemplify how insights can be shared, and
work with leadership to identify needed changes as they relate to our survey design and
data collection process.

Company Overview

  • ●  Lead the project ideation process by creating, sharing, and socializing a detailed survey
    data analysis and automation plan with well-defined milestones/stages, goals,
    objectives, and KPIs.

  • ●  Clearly define and document what needs to be done to create a successful MVP by the
    end of month four; this should include a projected project budget.

  • ●  Becoming familiar with Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks

  • ●  Working directly with Senior Leadership to fine-tune our existing performance

    assessment tool and process.

    Months 2-4

  • ●  Implement the project plan defined in month one.

  • ●  Build automated data processing pipelines that can run on AWS.

  • ●  Document all key decisions and your progress towards completion.

  • ●  Make use of traditional text analysis approaches while also leveraging machine learning

    and natural language processing algorithms to gain insights from our survey responses.

    Month 4+

  • ●  Help us build-out our Engineering team

  • ●  Work with our engineers to further scale and secure our survey analysis system

  • ●  Collaborate with leadership to define our product roadmap


  • ●  A strong and unwavering belief in diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • ●  3+ years of experience working in a startup environment

  • ●  3+ years of programmatic survey analysis and text data mining experience using Python or R.

  • ●  Demonstrable experience with Natural Language Processing using techniques and

    approaches such as TD-IDF, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, cluster analysis, etc. in

    addition to building data visualizations that summarize findings

  • ●  Experience in applying at least one of the following in your research: survey methodology

    (e.g., bias correction, sampling and design), quantitative research methods or statistical
    analysis, regression modeling, causal inference with a survey outcome, shrinkage and
    regularization, designing and analyzing longitudinal panel surveys, behavioral data

  • ●  Interested in, or experience with building automated data processing pipelines that make
    use of AWS Comprehend or similar technologies.

  • ●  Experience initiating and driving data science projects to completion with minimal

  • ●  Demonstrable experience distilling technical details down to the most important details
    so that people with varying topical familiarity can participate in decision-making.

  • ●  Good with keeping track of deadlines, as well as communicating and/or predicting
    project bottlenecks in a fast-paced environment

Let us know if you have an interest in speaking on topics related to the work mentioned above.

We’d love to bring someone on that wants to position themselves as a Thought Leader, while
also helping to socialize our work.

Reports to the CEO and work directly with our Tech Lead & Tech Advisor.

Time Commitment
20 – 30 hours a week over the next 4 months (July – October 2020) with an intent to hire full-time
based on mutually agreeing it’s a match going forward.


$75/hr as a contractor with the intent to hire full-time creating the role of your dreams.


While our company is based in the LA metropolitan area, this is a virtual position.


Underrepresented populations such as Black, LGBTQIA+, People with Disabilities, and many more
at the intersections are strongly encouraged to apply…

Interested candidates please submit to [email protected]:
● Resume

  • ●  Cover letter describing your interest in this position and why you are an optimal fit

  • ●  4-5 references requested for hiring

    Application submission, screening, and initial phone interview will be on a rolling basis.

    Inclusology is an equal opportunity employer committed to…

    Making the workplace all inclusive for all employees! 

Inclusology is an innovative, intersectional, and inclusive small business/startup with clear plans to change the way Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is assessed in the workplace. We are a SaaS platform that assesses, benchmarks, and creates solutions for companies struggling with diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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