Posted on April 16, 2020

Front-End Developer | Needed for UX Design and implementation

Location: US

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Job description (Project-Based Position)

Front-End/UX Developer will perform development services at the request of the Company. This includes the development and completion of the client interface(s) section (i.e. front-end), followed by software and/or coding iterations in response to bugs, crashes, etc. for said project stated below.

Completion includes, but is not limited to, the understanding of a fully-operable mobile-application that is marketable and free of bugs and/or crashes (to an extent in the which the mobile application is inoperable) or anything that may hinder the growth of the application and/or company.

Developer is expected to devote all hours that is expected and quoted by developer. This is a project-based position.

Contractor is expected to contribute towards the production and launch of the mobile application at the request of the Company.   Production includes Alpha Testing, Private-Beta Testing, & Public-Beta Launch.


Applicant must be able to do all, but not limited to the following:

       Know your iPhone inside and out

       Skilled in Linux shell commands

       Basic knowledge of Git source control

       Basic understanding of programming languages like Swift or JavaScript

       Familiar with JSON services, web architecture, and SQL databases

       Organized, a good communicator and collaborator.


Applicant must be experienced in the following skill sets:

–  Must be able to type and use email.
–  Access to high-speed internet connection
–  Understand how to use an IDE such as XCode, Vscode, or Sublime Text.
–  Have an available Mac or Linux system for development use.
–  Understanding of source control (Preferred)




Telecommunication background with a Software Engineer appetite.


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