Posted on November 19, 2020

Graphic Designer

Location: US

  • Job type: Freelance
  • Budget Type: fixed
  • Experience: $$ Intermediate
  • Job Flexibility: Freelance
  • Category: Design

Our diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy is looking to hire a part-time graphic designer to help prepare reports, documents, and other materials. We have about 15-20 hours a week of work that we need to find someone for.

Most of the work will be around preparing and polishing presentations, including modest edits, data visualization, layouts, etc. We will also be working on website design and general marketing and other materials.

The ideal candidate has a flexible schedule, a tremendous amount of attention to detail, solid design skills, and a real interest in diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.



Passionate, Knowledgeable, Leadership; Education, Cybersecurity and Career Advocate seeking to apply a combination of professional experience and on-going academic training to an exciting new career. More than 20 years of combined workplace experience in Education with an academic background in Educational Leadership and Technology with the requisite skills and training to make an impact.

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