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Hey, there.  Im April and Im a Money Coach.  But, from the name of my business, you probably already know that.  I help high-achieving women create a plan to turn their 6-figure incomes into a 7-figure net worth.  I teach them how to build their financial foundation so that their assets outweigh their liabilities.  My structured, systems engineering background mixed with my love for all things personal finance, serves my clients well.  I help them to put simple, proven processes into place for their finances.  Now I need the same for my business.  Thats where you can help!

If were going to work together, there are a few things you should know about me:

  • Words that describe me: go-getter, disciplined, high-achieving, mastermind, critical thinker, strategic, analytical.
  • Ill admit itIm a recovering perfectionist.  High quality is very important to me, but I do realize that perfection is unattainable.  I promise not to hold you to unfair standards.
  • On the DISC assessment, I score 99% S (supportive) and 99% C (cautious).  So, essentially, Im calm & cooperative, with a focus on quality & accuracy.  I lack the natural abilities to delegate tasks & make quick decisions.  So, yes, Ill sometimes need your help with getting out of my head & into action!
  • For kicks, Ill also share that Im a Meyers Brigg Type INTJ and an Enneagram Type 5w6.
  • I like simplicity and my business model is no different.  I currently offer group coaching and 1:1 coaching.
  • I seek to transition my group coaching model to rolling enrollment and also offer ongoing monthly support to previous clients.  Your assistance here will be key.
  • I have a full-time (in the office) corporate job.  So Im pulled in many directions.  I need someone who is part strategy, part integration.  I will grow my business with you by my side.


Is that you?  This role will start at 20 hours per month and grow as my company does.  Experience working with teams required and bonus points if you were a corporate leader turned entrepreneur.

April, girl, Im vibing with you.  So, what do you need me to do?

So glad you asked!  Here are some of the activities that you can expect to do day-to-day:

General Admin

  • Email management (b/c Im drifting toward the sunken place)
  • Organize to-dos
  • Schedule appointments (one-off & recurring)
  • Google Drive management
  • Set me up with the necessary management tools such as Clickup, Slack, Voxer, Dubsado, etc.
  • I currently use these systems (ConvertKit, Acuity, Canva, Google Drive, Zoom, Notion)
  • Website Maintenance
  • Miscellaneous tasks that may come up as I grow!

Client Work Assistance

  • Develop a smooth client onboarding process
  • Automate my client welcome process (so that after they swipe their card, they continue to feel good about the investment)
  • Send and coordinate emails
  • Send reminders
  • Reach out to clients for check-ins on my behalf
  • Organize the replays in a gallery
  • Create SOPs for my 1:1 coaching process
  • Launch assistance (strategize launch plans, support webinars)
  • Gather client testimonials (collect written, photo, video)
  • Order gifts, send holiday cards, birthday cards

Course Delivery

  • Get me onboarded to a course platform (e.g. Kajabi or Thinkific)
  • Manage my students via the course platform (enrollments, questions, issues, etc.)
  • Help manage the Facebook Group for clients
  • Get everyone added to the Facebook Group and take them out when done

Email Marketing

  • Set up email sequences
  • Tag/segment my subscribers for targeted email marketing
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Weekly email newsletter to my subscribers
  • Email growth strategy

Youre Perfect If:

  • You have great attention to detail.  Because I do and half-stepping aint the move.
  • You have great availability.  Im in the EST time zone.  Washington, DC to be specific.
  • Youre committed to continuously improving yourself and my company.  Self-development is a core value of mine.
  • You want to be pushed and challenged.  My growing business will have growing pains.
  • You like to think outside the box.  Im not looking to be a clone of everyone else.  Lets shape best practices into something of my own.
  • You have experience as a VA or want to be an OBM in the future and feel comfortable with teams.
  • If you read this far, on your application, under name tell me if you love Trader Joes or not.  This statement is required.
  • Youre comfortable with being client-facing.
  • You have copy experience and can write basic things from time to time.
  • You promise not to ask me things that Google can answer.
  •  You go the extra mile and are truly invested in what you do.

Are you my fellow mastermind?

Applications due by October 27, 2020



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