Posted on September 17, 2020

Mobile Developer

West Arete

  • Job type: Full-time
  • Hiring From:
  • Salary:
  • Category: Software Development
  • Mobile App Development Web, Mobile & Software Dev Mobile Development UX/UI Design User Experience Design UX Design

Skills & Requirements

Technical skills:

  • Strong Javascript
  • React Native
  • Strong UI/UX
  • Cross platform (iOS, Android)
  • Experience with Expo (desired, but strength in JS and RN more important)
  • Test-driven development experience a plus

We assume that you care enough about your craft that youve read the classic books by the great authors, and you weave their ideas into your discussions with your fellow developers.

Here are the key qualities and capabilities that we look for in a developer:

  • Communicative. We work directly with informed, engaged product owners. Middlemen and bottlenecks are eliminated. Each developer plays a primary role in client interactions, and in project management.
  • Confident. We encounter many complex problems, and its not always technical complexity. You have to be comfortable wading into a situation where the path forward is not always apparent. Many of our projects start out as only a concept. 
  • Savvy. We are quick to understand various business models and domain knowledge. We see a wide variety of industries.
  • Creative. We often spend more time designing the features with the client than writing code. 
  • Mentoring and apprenticing. We are all expected to be continually learning, and also sharing our knowledge in a supportive manner with others.
  • Driven. We have broad personal responsibility for structuring our own work in the way that we know we can do it best.
  • Entrepreneurial. Being part of the team at West Arete involves contributing to a fluid, evolving process. There will be failure of our own internal experiments followed by improvement. Each individual plays a significant role in shaping the company.
  • Versatile. Each developer has a variety of projects to work on, and moves on to new ones over time. The development phase for a typical project may only last a couple months, and most developers have two projects on their plate at any given time.
  • Professional. We relentlessly pursue software craftsmanship and code elegance, but its tempered with the professional responsibility to adhere to schedules and budgets.
Work Environment

We welcome the way that technology has allowed remote work to be possible in ways that werent before, we believe that creating a team of A-players means searching outside our zip code. We also encourage extra-career-cular activities and goals.

  • We are a fully remote team.
  • We believe in giving our team a huge amount of personal flexibility. Working directly with clients on multiple projects is demanding. We make it sustainable with incredibly good benefits and flexibility.
  • We value many things beyond software and programming itself. We have programs like CHAMP that encourage goal setting and outside pursuits.
  • Our team has directed the donation of tens of thousands of dollars to nonprofit environmental causes via our all-time commitment to 1% For The Planet.
  • Expect a fully-paid, fully-unplugged, mandatory 3-week sabbatical every year (yes, in addition to your vacation time) to use for personal development, exploration, or pursue whatever dream youd like. Heres our CEO, Scott Woods, giving a TEDx talk on the concept.
How to apply

We hope this gives some insight into what we value and what were looking for. There are no hard and fast rules or requirements. Were more interested in remarkable individuals than we are in absolutes. You can apply here by submitting a resume and completing our questionnaire.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Our team serves the research and education community by creating custom software for critical infrastructure projects.  We believe that the best software comes from empathetic, knowledgeable developers working directly with subject matter experts. This means we work closely with our stakeholders, who are often some of the brightest minds in their field.  We are well-disciplined about our marketing, our project management, and our relationship management. These important job functions allow us to manage stakeholder expectations early on and move projects from start to end at a sustainable pace, creating the necessary support for our team to do their best work. Code quality, design, and test coverage are of paramount importance. Our software is typically in production use for many years to come, and must undergo continual change. We design, code, and test for the long run. Our clients look to us to raise the state of the art.  Finally, we believe that life is too short to spend our working years on anything but projects that make a positive impact. We are a certified B Corporation whose governance structure dictates that we must make decisions in such a way that considers the needs of our team, our collaborators and suppliers, our communities, and our environment. Here are some projects that we've worked on:You would get to work on meaningful projects like the Living Wage Calculator. The design may not look like much, but it has a massive impact in government and corporate policy -- it helped to give thousands of employees a raise overnight, to the people who needed it the most. Or help us build an entirely new modern platform for Better Kid Care, the application that provides the online training for the bulk of the nations child care providers, teaching them about the safety, health, and development of our country's children.  Or help us modernize the app that manages the metadata for the federated authentication system for Internet2, the nations largest and fastest network that connects our country's leading research institutions, powering everything from particle physics research to neurosurgery. Finally, we expect you to help us look towards the future. We were one of the early firms to be using Ruby on Rails professionally, and we were pretty early on the Scrum, DevOps, and TDD bandwagons, too. Now our team is looking to the next generation of tools and techniques. Help us to discover them and responsibly incorporate them into our production projects.Find us online:

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