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I am searching for someone to design a comprehensive document management system for a diverse real estate portfolio. Currently, the portfolio includes approx. 10 buy and hold rental properties. Successful completion will require researching the best system and the designing a dropbox or google drive with a clear cut & standardized folder system, renaming appropriate files consistently and adding them to the appropriate folder, creating a table of contents (if it would improve the user-experience), creating checklists for license/lease/bill renewals, establishing automated reminders for any foreseeable management actions, and creating a frequently used resources list for each property which provides names/contact info/links for property managers, contractors, public services, taxation offices, etc. regularly associated with each property. Though the primary user will be the owner, folders should be well-defined so that they can be individually shared with respective property managers, accountants and tax consultants involved in only certain portions of the portfolio. I will rely on the freelancer to have the utmost ethical integrity with regard to safeguarding sensitive financial documents and will need this person to be very detail-oriented and proactive in identifying where there are document gaps that require my attention. Experience with rental properties is preferred, but not required. Once this system is built, all the existing files will be in the correct and easily identifiable folder for their property; the entire system must be user-friendly and intuitive enough that anyone who needs to access these investment files should know exactly where to go!



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