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My project actually overlaps the two categories listed — I am the creator of the Ultimate Guide to Copyright Songs course, which course is my years of walking songwriters and composers through the U.S. copyright registration process distilled to 55 minutes of learning.  Musicians who create their own music are generally terrified of having their music stolen; this course provides them the tools they need to protect their music and move forward. 

My course is fully set up with appropriate sales pages on both Teachable and, as of Dec. 24, on Udemy; I need now to get targeted traffic to both of those to promote sales.  I am choosing to seek help here promoting the course on Teachable because Teachable has a robust affiliate program.  While I note that many providers on this platform are asking for $15-75 per hour, I can offer 20 percent commission per sale on a course selling at $197 — that is, $39.40 per sale, with escalations in commission available for superior performance.  I do believe in all of us winning together!



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