Posted on December 9, 2020

Senior Front end Engineer


  • Job type: Full-time
  • Hiring From: Berlin, Remote
  • Salary:
  • Category: All Others
  • Frontend Web Application Development

We started Garden to solve the very same problems we struggled with while building distributed applications.

Garden is our answer to the question, ”In this cloud native reality, what’s the development workflow we wish we had?” We set out every day to solve concrete problems for developers and to make their lives easier.

What you’ll do

We’ve recently released Garden Enterprise, a brand-new platform for teams to complement our open-sourcecore product. As a senior frontend engineer, you’ll focus on building the frontend of Garden Enterprise. More specifically, you’ll:

  • Join a team of developers that work closely together to plan, implement and ship features.

  • Help us design our frontend architecture, pick the right tools for the job, and define best practices that empower other team members to contribute to the frontend.

  • Work closely with our designers to solve complex UI/UX problems in an innovative but intuitive way.

  • Work on frontend and possibly backend projects for Garden Enterprise and the open-source Garden Core.

What we’re looking for
  • You have experience with shipping production-grade, single-page React applications. Typescript experience is a plus.

  • You’re comfortable with managing state in non-trivial, dynamic, frontend applications (we currently use React Hooks + Context API).

  • You have an eye for simple but effective user interfaces and know that sometimes less is more.

  • You empathize with the user and put their experience first when implementing features.

  • You’re happy to work with a team that is still figuring a lot of things out, and values trust, openness, and collaboration while doing so.

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