Posted on October 13, 2020

Senior Rails Developer


  • Job type: Full-time
  • Hiring From: United States
  • Salary: $100,000
  • Category: Software Development
  • Full Stack Web Development Web Development Javascript

You know it all from routes to system specs to AR internals to webpacker configs. You have a strong conviction that Rails can do more than just rapid development  you can build smart, scalable systems with it by choosing designs and code patterns that allow for billion dollar companies to be powered by a simple web application.

It’s all about the outcomes and the value you can give to your team, your code, and… most importantly the users! You give clear guidance, feedback, and instruction to Junior developers, encouraging them all the way. You can communicate with empathy and also with directness.

You’ve likely either been laid off due to the pandemic, or just don’t find your job fulfilling. You want to work with GREAT people who build GREAT things and can push you to be an even better developer than you already are. We’re definitely on to something big here and you are craving building a product that users truly love.

You are somewhere between a perfectionist and a pragmatist able to make clear tradeoff decisions on complexity, scalability, understandability, and more.

You believe that from CSS to Network layer, it’s all just a part of the product and is as much your responsibility as any other part. And all of it can be done better than it has been done before.

In this role, you will work directly with Hampton Catlin, creator of Sass, Haml, and Wikipedia Mobile, as the senior developer to build a game-changing, truly unique video streaming experience. It’s live, interactive, fun, and collaborative, and you get to build it with a world-class team of developers.

Our stack is Ruby on Rails, Stimulus.js, Typescript, Electron.js, Sass, RSpec, and video encoding tools. We’re looking to show what can be done with the power of the modern browser.


  • 8+ Years as a Developer
  • 5+ Years of Javascript
  • 2+ Years of Ruby on Rails
  • 5+ Years of Databases
  • 5+ Years of HTML/CSS
  • 2+ Years of System Design
  • Degree? We don’t need no stinking degree!


  • Implement New Features in Ruby on Rails + Typescript Stimulus.js
  • Code from the DOM to the DB
  • Always Consider the End User
  • Improve Test Code Coverage and Methods
  • Mentor Junior Team Members
  • Direct, Kind Code Reviews
  • Ensure Best Practices are Used
  • Ensure Good Task Management via our Task Management Tool

Your Attributes

  • Passionate Builder
  • Takes joy in building something better
  • Can think like a Product person
  • Natural Systems Design Thinker
  • High velocity, high quality developer
  • Empathetic + Direct
  • Knows enough to know that you can’t know everything
  • Sees team success as more important than personal success
  • Sees product success as more important than personal glory


(Some benefits only apply if authorized for US Work, otherwise, TBD)

  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Substantial Equity
  • Open Source Contributions Encouraged
  • Health Insurance (TBD)

We're an early stage company building the future of online communication by building easy to use video streaming technologies that bring people together about their passions. Imagine Twitch, but for so much more!

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