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I need to update the templates emails used to a more stylish and mobile responsive template in our site. 

Incluzion _ Activate_Your_Account_files.zip is an example of styling and colors.  

I need the 2 attached files updated.

File class-ae-mailing.php rows 565 – 617 contain the wrapper template for all emails sent.  The updated wrapper portion of the temaplate should be added here.   (Screenshot_12.png the section outside of the red box).

File admin.php rows 155 – 407 contains the default text/html content for each kind of email event. (Screenshot_12.png section inside of the red box).

The red box in Screenshot_12.png distinguishes the wrapper template from the content that would be included based on the email event. 

In admin.php the row 362 – 381 contains receipt html for a purchase.  You’d used the template below for the content of this email. 

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