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Visuals, designs are so important to catch the eye of a prospect, gain traction, generate leads, provide engaging content that people can relate to and build your audience, subscribers, followers, customers and brand. 

Services available:
1. eBook Cover design (front cover)
2. Create an eBook
3. Create a Flipbook for your website or blog

Service: an eBook Cover design (front cover)

What do I need from you?

  • Provide a clear description, idea of what you want.
  • Author, book title, book size (template, dimensions)
  • Fonts, font sizes in mind? Let me know
  • Send what inspires your cover if you have anything in mind.  

Service: eBook, Flipbook?

What do I need from you?

  • Text, copy for the project to be designed
  • Clear description, idea of what you want for your project
  • Brand information: name, colors, font type (if you have any you prefer)?
  • Have specific photos in mind? Please attach them. If you do not have image(s) to share and attach, please provide an idea for the image you want – I will use royalty free stock photos.
  • Logo in .JPG or .PNG format (prefer login in transparent background) if you would like it included in the project.  
  • Link to website, URL if you want it added to the project?
  • Inspired by a person, place, thing, another brand? Feel free to share your inspiration to best incorporate you into the project.
  • Have a template size you prefer in mind for your project? Please share the specifics.

Note: Design and format service. All content, copy must come from you.

What do you fancy? An eBook cover? An eBook? A Flipbook for your website or blog?

Please send me a message first before placing your order to ensure your requirements are clearly understood in order to deliver and meet your needs. Can do a custom order to fit your needs as well. Please let me know.

Looking forward to collaborating with you.

Thank you.