You can partner with Incluzion in many ways. We have active community and affiliate partnerships with other organizations that are working towards similar goals.

Digital Conferences

Gain exposure to a wider audience beyond your current reach and be inclusive of remote employees or attendees outside your immediate audience.

Through a digital event, we can host using our vitural confernce software subscription and stream it live via YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter Live and Linkedin Live to extend your reach.

Inclzuzion can provide visibility to your conference through social media posts, our email newsletter and by showcasing our logo on our website.


• Software Sponsorship / Platform Credits - Software sponsorships provide a more accessible way to showcase your support.


Host a private digital workshop or community event at your company where we discuss a specific topic.

Previous topics have included coaching on executive presence and public speaking, building effective employee resource groups, and navigating the workplace as an individual contributor.

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate partners provide discounts for Incluzion members to go through their programs or access their content in exchange for providing Incluzion a referral fee.

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