Become A Part Of The Incluzion Partner Network

How It Works

Incluzion has hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs signed up in the Incluzion Marketplace. We partner with and promote other top-level companies to further benefit the community.

Who Do We Partner With?

Incluzion partners with organizations, large and small, in the effort to further diversity and inclusion in human capital, talent search, job-opportunity-access, fintech and in the future-of-work.

Here’s a few industries where partners have excelled:

○ Online Learning Platforms
○ STEM Focused Non-profits
○ Job Board / Review Platform.s
○ Blogs & Publications
○ Masterminds
○ Conferences
○ Digital agencies

Partnership Benefits?

Team up on activities:

➣ Blog article exchanges
➣ Newsletter blasts
➣ Referral programs
➣ Video content creation
➣ Special partner coupons
➣ Distribution of your company’s service, product or opportunity in our company newsletter.
➣ Distribution of your company’s service, product or opportunity to our social media outlets.
➣ Addition of your logo to our partner page.
➣ Consideration for participation in physical events, social media content, webinars, blog articles, Zoom calls and podcasts.
➣ Distribution of a joint press release announcing our strategic alliance.
➣ The ability to bolster your diversity effort by including the Incluzion logo as part of your company’s presentations and pitches.
➣ Consideration for joint funding efforts such as grants and other government funding.

To Apply

Email Jibril Sulaiman at [email protected] expressing your interest in becoming an Incluzion partner. Click here to view a sample strategic alliance agreement.