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Edward Over 20 years of experience as a professional software developer in various roles, leading teams, mentoring peers, introducing new techniques and technologies into an organization, and advising management
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I offer my services to either supplement an existing development team or assist a company in developing a custom application. I prefer evening and weekend hours but will be flexible in the initial stages.

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Work Experiences

  • Associate Programmer

    Baylor College of Medicine

    December 1993 - December 1993

    * Designed and coded flight software that detected and responded to system anomalies and faults for the Space Station Freedom Program * All software was developed using Ada for a distributed, real-time UNIX-based operating system
  • Software Engineer

    Baylor College of Medicine

    December 1993 - December 1993

    * Developed applications that incorporated data from external sources into the core company database * Developed a C++ framework to speed up development time * All software was developed using C++ and C on DEC Alphas running OpenVMS IBM, Houston, TX06/1991 –
  • Principal architect and developer

    Baylor College of Medicine

    May 1994 - May 1995

    [email protected] for the Ambulatory Services Architecture, an open client/server system for computerized medical record management for Baylor College of Medicine and affiliated hospitals and clinics * Developed electronic forms, workflow, and user-interface framework and supported visual tools for client segment of the system * Implemented client using Visual C++ and MFC for the Win32 API Telecheck, Houston, TX01/1994 –
  • Software Engineer

    The ForeFront Group

    October 1995 - October 1995

    * Developed ProReports, a commercial report-generating tool using Borland C++ and the zApp application framework * Solely responsible for adding OLE 2 support
  • Lead Software Engineer and Project Manager

    The ForeFront Group

    July 1997 - December 1997

    TX10/1995 Lead Software Engineer and Project Manager * Architect and lead developer of a team of 3 for WebWhacker, versions 2.0 and 3.0, a commercial offline browser for the Internet * Solely responsible for the complete rewrite to C++ and MFC of the 2.0 product * Designed and implemented the cross-platform (Win32/Macintosh) portions * WebWhacker is a winner of Internet World’s “Best of Test” and a BusinessWeek “Pick of the Plug-ins” PLATINUM Technology, Houston, TX05/1995 –
  • Senior Software Engineer

    DRW Systems International

    July 2000 - July 2000

    IL12/1997 Senior Software Engineer * Architect and lead developer for Perspective: Risk, a trade risk platform for equities, futures, and associated options * Provided a consistent user interface for the gathering of all company trade information, allowing for subsequent analysis of the company’s financial condition and risk exposure * Allowed for the alteration of evaluation criteria to simulate a wide range of potential risk conditions * Product was developed largely in C++ using MFC and ATL and used COM for extensibility * Extensions developed using MFC, ATL, Delphi, Visual Basic, and Visual J++ * Embedded VBA to simplify applet development * Managed team of developers responsible for building extensions NetDox, Deerfield, IL07/1997 –
  • Senior Software Engineer

    DRW Holding Companies

    July 2000 - July 2001

    * Implemented enhancements as necessary on Perspective: Risk (PR) * Implemented an online backup facility for the PR data store using DCOM and ATL * Implemented a logging component using MSMQ, XML, and ATL for use in other company projects * Created sample extensions to illustrate their development to team members * Assisted in acquisition and deployment of new source configuration management (SCM) tool StarTeam * Created software development standards for growing Chicago-based development team
  • Consultant

    BP/Triad Resources

    December 2006 - May 2007

    * Worked on nErgize project on the nominations module developed several WinForms applets in C#
  • Technical Advisor/Consultant

    DRW Holding Companies

    July 2001 - December 2006

    * Developed a managed XLL add-in for Excel prototype. Traders preferred Excel as their primary risk management interface so an XLL add-in talking to a WCF service that wrapped their legacy risk management system was delivered to demonstrate the concept and was an overwhelming success 5425 McCulloch Cir, Jr.
  • Contractor

    UBS/Triad Resources

    May 2008 - November 2008

    * Worked on the client team for Conroe, a real-time order management platform that is a multi-tier, multi-user application. The Conroe client is a WinForms, multi-threaded application * Implemented WinForms screens as defined by use cases. Implement domain classes serializing/deserializing to/from XML
  • Contractor

    Enbase Solutions

    January 2009 - June 2009

    * Implemented user experiences using WPF or Silverlight for Enbase clients. Projects include an engine emissions application with Silverlight in the user interface layer and WCF and SQL Server in the service layer a modernization of the user interface for a C++/Fortran oil well analysis application using WPF. The emissions application required a workflow module but use of Windows Workflow was not allowed. Therefore, a custom implementation was developed that utilized nServiceBus for messaging, Quartz.Net for scheduling, MEF for componentizing the new service, as well as a new Windows Service to host the long-running workflow process.
  • Contractor

    Independent Consultant

    October 2009 - May 2010

    Merrill Lynch/Triad Resources Contractor * Worked on the client team for the Aries project, a trade blotter. Aries is a multi-tier, world-wide distributed application. Implemented using .Net and written exclusively in C#, Aries utilizes Winforms for the user interface and WCF for interprocess communication. Because it is a trade entry application, Aries utilizes appropriate levels of threading and asynchronous techniques.
  • Assistant Vice President

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    May 2010 - November 2012

    Continued on the Aries effort. Role expanded to a lead member on the client team of 8 and functional lead across the application for features required by the business’ sales team. Mentored and educated members of team on us of LINQ, good design, and developing unit tests. Introduced use of MEF, a Winforms implementation of MVVM, continued to simplify use of asynchronous techniques (due to larger team of varying levels of skill).
  • Senior Software Developer

    Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies

    November 2012 - July 2013

    Dedicated development resource responsible for managing technical aspects and implementation details for one of the drilling software division’s largest clients.
  • team lead developer

    Enterprise Products Partners

    July 2013 - July 2013

    various business functions on the Estream application on the Evolve project. Estream is a modern web-based platform written in C# on which most major functions of the business will run. Participated in the implementation teams for the measurement and distribution business functions and the foundation team. The responsibility of the foundation team was cross- functional producing frameworks and libraries for the business teams.
  • Senior Systems Specialist

    Enterprise Products Partners

    July 2013 - Now



  • BS

    Tulane University

    August 1987 - May 1991

    Computer Science