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Jonathan is a Software Developer with over three years of total experience. He is proficient in the Python programming language and has worked with the Django and Flask frameworks. He has some experience in Javascript and PHP as well. He strongly believes in self-learning as the key to growth and strives to apply it in his career.

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Work Experiences

  • Remote Software Engineer


    May 2018 - January 2020

    ● Collaborated with one of 2U’s engineering teams to integrate, deliver and maintain their suite of applications for new university programs and in the process, improved the program standup process that includes deployments and data integration. ● Achieved an 80% turnaround efficiency for 2U in the final quarter of 2019 as a team.
  • Software Engineer


    March 2017 - March 2020

    ● Developed, optimized and secured APIs in Python as well as implemented data security and storage for one of Andela’s internal tools. ● Wrote test cases for the code that improved code coverage by 90%. ● Worked with the engineering teams of Andela’s partner companies, such as 2U, as a full-time, remote software engineer.


  • Udacity Data Engineering Nanodegree


    June 2019 - Now

    From the nanodegree I learnt how to Create user-friendly relational and NoSQL data models, create scalable and efficient data warehouses, Identify the appropriate use cases for different big data technologies, Work efficiently with massive datasets, Build and interact with a cloud-based data lake and Automate and monitor data pipelines. I developed proficiency in Spark, Airflow, and AWS tools.
  • Udacity Data Streaming Nanodegree


    December 2019 - Now

    In this Nanodegree, I covered the components of data streaming systems, ingesting data in real-time using Apache Kafka and Spark and running analysis. I made use of Use the Faust Stream Processing Python library to build a real-time stream-based application. I utilized the Confluent Kafka Python library for simple topic management, production, and consumption. I also learned the components of Spark Streaming (architecture and API), integrating Apache Spark Structured Streaming and Apache Kafka, manipulate data using Spark and understand the statistical report generated by the Structured Streaming console.


  • Bachelor of Business and Information Technology

    Africa Nazarene University

    September 2008 - July 2012