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Kendrick Over 20 years of industry IT experience ranging from database administration and application software development. 16+ years being Java development creating both stand alone desktop and web-based solutions. Industry experience ranging from healthcare, telecommunications, cable, finance and public safety sectors. Hands on experience with greenfield project design, completion and deployment. Working understanding of current industry design patterns and frameworks also enterprise architecture best practices. Excellent industry reputation for team collaboration, customer focused support and attentiveness, managerial success, communication and project success.
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  • Java/J2EE Developer


    December 2005 - June 2006

    Design and building of custom self service web applications for client campaigns. This entailed quickly and effectively designing and building applications on a Struts/J2EE framework to allow the client’s customer base to redeem rewards and offers sent out via email. I was responsible for reviewing customer requirements, designing a working framework, then producing ANT builds and deployment of finished results. Duties included installation and setup of Apache web and JBOSS application servers, application and database tuning for performance bottlenecks. This position required designing both the application framework and the system test plans and also implementing the production deployment scripts. The web applications were deployed on Solaris and later Linux platforms and required knowledge of both environments.
  • J2EE/SOA Architect


    June 2007 - October 2008

    Design and implementation of SOA integration system designed to connect trouble ticketing systems with current and future outsource partners. Utilizing the BEA AquaLogic service bus I was responsible for creating web services for Comcast that allowed for creation and modification of issues for email customers. Partnering with HP, Comcast shares trouble tickets created internally and can either resolve issues or transfer control to HP. The statuses of tickets are conveyed back and forth via web services. Requests entering Comcast are sent to the service bus and then validated and routed to the appropriate service. Understanding of SOA, Xquery, Oracle and the WebLogic J2EE container was required for successful completion. Also I worked with cable set top box, and modem on demand monitoring. This consisted of creating daily data feeds from multiple Oracle data warehouses, accessing set top and modem health, and JSP development to create a query enabled view of aggregated data.
  • Enterprise SOA Architect

    Great West Life

    June 2006 - June 2007

    This position required custom development and integration of HIPAA compliant extensions to the Trizetto Facets healthcare application suite. This entailed C# and Java webservices and win forms development for portal and client server environments. Skills in C#, J2EE, PL/SQL and web services development were required in order to successfully code and integrate components. Utilizing TIBCO Business Works and the .NET 2.0 framework application interfaces were created in both Win form extensions and ASP.NET pages. Data was accessed from several sources including web services, Oracle databases and direct application objects.
  • Developer

    Metropolitan State University

    March 2008 - Now

    This position required developing a custom grant tracking application with integration into the Banner university system. Utilizing Oracle forms and the PL/SQL web tool kit to build a web application for partner schools to apply and track grant funds throughout a grants lifecycle. Knowledge of Oracle forms was needed for integration into the grant application from the Banner system to view and approve reported grant time. The web application was built using Oracle’s PL/SQL web tool kit for process workflow, authentication, and reporting. Understanding of current web development technologies (ie DHTML, CSS, Javascript, etc…) was needed to integrate UI designs with the web tool kit.
  • Java Developer

    Standard & Poors

    October 2008 - February 2009

    Development of Java and PLSQL code for ETL data loads for financial indexes. This required creating custom Java code for interpreting category table population from pre-loaded source tables. I developed a business rules framework to allow for quick and easy changes to the daily loading of financial indices. Also I was tasked in developing Java classes, PLSQL packages and triggers to clean up and massage the data tables. This allowed a mechanism for trapping load history and data changes for future reporting and trending. Expertise in Oracle database tuning, data modeling, and database administration was used to successfully complete this project
  • Lead Java Developer

    Eagle Creek

    August 2010 - May 2011

    * Integration and development of custom web application with Siebel 8.1. This included custom web application development with JSP/Servlet technology and web service application integration. * The application allowed repair technicians to track and updated repair queues assigned to each technician and merge information with the * enterprise CRM system. * This application utilized JBOSS application server, Siebel 8, and Oracle 10g as the platform supporting the application. Previous Experiences
  • Java Developer/Architect

    Western Union

    June 2011 - December 2011

    * Working with the Russian bank Sberbank this engagement required the integration of bank teller services with the Western Union money transfer system. * This required utilizing multiple integration protocols (FTP, Database batch load and Web Services) with java on top of Western Unions custom integration platform. * This allowed bank tellers to initiate money transfers direct from client accounts and access the Western Union system for fulfillment. * A requirement to use the GOST encryption algorithm and access the key store from within a J2EE framework allowed for the secure routing of transfers across systems.
  • System Architect/JEE Development

    Underwriters Laboratory

    February 2012 - August 2012

    * This engagement required the installation and configuration of the Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management system. * Also development of custom modules in the workflow and product lifecycle tracking system. * This was developed on the Oracle Fusion platform which required knowledge of the JEE framework, Java Server Faces and PL/SQL. * The system was needed to track the model, components and versions of tested client products. And also track defects, improvements and history of a tested product to end of life.
  • Freelance Developer

    Colorado Springs/Denver CO

    September 2012 - February 2016

    * I was tasked with development on front-end to back-end web applications. * Utilized Jquery and Bootstrap to create modern and dynamic frontend websites. * Working from existing HTML templates I created dynamic content presentation from backend database systems. * Knowledge of REST micro services architecture was used to create a decoupled and flexible integrated back-end framework. * Knowledge of Java MVC frameworks (Spring, JSF) and Hibernate/JDBC for object relational mapping provided the core development environments.
  • Java Developer

    Justice Integration Services

    March 2016 - March 2019

    * I was responsible for development of full system integration and data intelligence systems for material aggregation, financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries * Responsibilities included designing and building applications for various internal functions to allow seamless integration of client bids, sales/work orders, inventory, repair, reporting, and product management. * This entailed database and application design for optimal movement and processing of data across systems. * These positions required working off requirements provided by different clients across various industries. Java/Web developer
  • Java/Oracle Developer

    United States Air Force Academy

    March 2019 - October 2019

    * This position was to modernize and upgrade the current academic support system for the Air Force Academy called CAMIS. * This required using the existing CAMIS system as a reference built in APEX and PL/SQL and creating a standalone clone in Java on the Spring Boot framework. * Thymeleaf templating engine on top of Spring Boot were used to convert existed HTML from APEX forms. * Java REST endpoints were created for back-end integration with external data consumers to future proof further development.
  • Java Developer/Spring Boot


    October 2019 - Now

    * Conversion of legacy team management web application from PHP on to the more robust java based Spring Boot framework. * This required creation of new HTML pages with modern controls using the JQuery/Bootstrap JavaScript/CSS libraries. * Creation of a modular Java back-end on top of the Spring MVC plug-in and the Java Persistence API (JPA). * Creation of Junit/Mockito unit tests to assure success of functional requirements. * Understanding and creation of RESTful end-points for consumption by future mobile front-end.


  • BA

    Hampden State

    August 2008 - June 2012

    Information Technology and Systems Engineering