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Are you having trouble communicating your story to your audience? Do you feel like your brand is lacking a soul? Experiencing low engagement? Unsure why your visual identity seems incoherent? Have an idea that needs to be pieced to together? 


We are bombarded with content day in and day out, it’s going to take more than posting quotes on Instagram to stand out from the crowd. People aren’t buying your product or service, they are buying into your story. 

Airbnb’s story is telling their customers stories, Burts Bee’s tells a story of an artist and beekeeper coming together to make natural products. 

Brand-driven storytelling is the SMARTEST way to increase engagement and sales. 

This is my passion, I weave together the narrative of your product/service to your audience. 

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*Brand story/messaging 

*Brand positioning 

*Brand overhauls

*Market Validation

*Brand identity refinement

*Instagram aesthetics 

*Influencer lists

*Content creation

*Value proposition

*Business model canvas

*Customer archetype development







To put it simply, I am a storyteller. This expresses itself in many forms- from the photos I take to the clothes I wear. I believe it all has an opportunity to tell a story. With my degree in entrepreneurship, I have started many businesses and stopped even more. I understand how the process works and how daunting it can be. By applying my creative mind with my business mind it allows me to help everyone from non-profits to major corporations tune into the soul of their brand and communicate it effectively. 



Some exciting projects I’ve worked on:


– Promotion of a non-profits latest fundraising event

– Consulting a professional athlete on how to refine their personal and professional brands

– Creating an Instagram aesthetic for a streetwear brand

– Establishing a marketing strategy for a poetry editing company 

– Building a stronger online presence for a dentist office

– Creating a Patreon page for a best selling author. 





From your perspective, you want a mix of experience and competitive pricing – and I totally understand that. But you also get what you pay for, so if my rates don’t meet your needs, let’s talk further and discuss options that will work for both of us. 


I hope to chat with you about your next project.

Phone Number:8057624694

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