Developer needed for building a custom website

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  • Budget $700.00
  • Average Amount $850.00
  • Location US

Posted on October 30, 2018


Project Description

Looking for someone who has alot of experience and expertise in web and mobile development to build my custom website. This person will be capable of front-end, back-end as well as UX/UI design.
The website is for an Online eCommerce platform with customized products. Website is built from scratch using or similar. We don’t have products just recipe maker template that customers can choose ingredients to make their own shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body butter. Sample website example website
I have a landing page now but need to build it out. Wireframe has been created, want the websiteto look exactly like this (with some major changes) but this gives you an idea of the system.


Kelechi Agwunobi

Full Stack Developer | Bookkeeper | Strategist


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Yadira Valadez

Designer and Developer


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