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Posted on November 27, 2018


Project Description

I have a strategic community building company- The Collier Connection –  and have ideas around a podcast, event series, and online platform. I need someone to help me with designing an overall branding & marketing strategy, help with sequencing the roll out of each product or service, and manage the website, email, & social media content and execution (can be with an intern’s support). Someone that can help take the big vision that I have and make it a concrete marketing & branding plan and process.   I am looking to spend the next year really blowing up my brand as a “super-connector” and TCC as a solution to the perception/reality of Boston not welcoming everyone. I want to put out so much high-quality, consistent, relatable content that people automatically think of me when they think about how Black people/people of color can best navigate Boston – particularly other transplants like myself. I have built a trusted reputation that I want to translate into a clear brand, and in turn a business. I really believe I can build a brand like Oprah as a host, guide, brand ambassador, convener, connector, and authentic leader.   I hope to find someone that understands & believes in what I am doing and can grow with my company! I am looking for:   Jan – Mar: strategy development Mar/Apr: begin releasing new content (or sooner if makes sense) Apr – Dec (and beyond): Bi-weekly emails, weekly social media posting, quarterly events, monthly podcast*   *For the podcast, I understand that the same person that does marketing strategy may not also be an expert in audio producing, editing, etc. I can look for a separate person for that component.   I am pitching to a few foundations, corporations, and organizations for startup funding in the next few weeks, so need to know what this kind of work would cost.    


Jessica M. Jacob

FLM-Quality & Training/ Communication Strategist & Consultant


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