Finding & engaging
Diverse Talent is a
competitive sport

Win with specialized knowledge, strategy and preparation.
Your next hire is a few clicks away.


We’re a community of diverse talent connected with more than 10 other continuously- evolving and diverse talent communities of over 5000 highly skilled professionals -hundreds of whom are available at any given moment. Our value to you:




Diversity Focus – we’re eliminating the pipeline & talent-pool issue for hiring managers

On-Demand Platform – tech to leverage a talent pool that enjoys a flexibile work-life balance.

Emerging Skills – Web, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, RPA Blockchain, IOT, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Applied Machine Learning


To beat the competition in the race for talent, Incluzion has spent more than a year building a pipeline of diverse talent. We rely on 3 core strengths that translate into winning strategies for our clients:




We focus exclusively on professionals in rising industry verticals to serve as an industry’s leading talent provider

We offer access to the market’s leading remote ready talent

We combine access and focus to accelerate
the hiring cycle and source talent who innately
engineer digital transformation and growth

About Incluzion

Incluzion is a community of Black & Latinx professionals working remotely & flexibly.
We're also a startup that connects companies with diverse talent.

We have thousands of members from across the world in our community, with the majority identifying as Black and Latinx professionals available to work in a wide variety of roles.

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