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Manage Your Sears Account

Hire a Sears virtual assistant that has experience running and managing Sears marketplace seller accounts.

Manage Your Inventory on Sears

A Sears virtual assistant can help you manage your inventory that you are selling on the Sears marketplace.

Research Products to Sell on Sears

Hire a Sears virtual assistant to research and find products that have high potential to sell on Sears.

Manage Sears Customers

Hire a Sears virtual assistant to answer customer emails, send tracking, and handle returns, cancellations, and refunds.

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1. Submit a Request

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3. Milestones/Chat

Use Incluzion’s platform to set job payment milestones, chat, share files and more

4. Pay Securely

Money is held in escrow and only released to the freelancer when milestones are approved

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