How Is The Top 10% Chosen?

01: Freelancer Application

Resume/CV, portfolio, short answers, Internet speed test, typing test

All freelancers must submit a Freelancer Application to join the Incluzion marketplace. Each application gathers information about the freelancer’s work history, skill sets, Internet speed reliability, past clients, and typing speed. Once submitted, the marketplace reviews and makes a decision based off of strict marketplace standards if they will be given a first interview.

02: 1 On 1 Interview

Vet specifically for skills, communication, and attitude

First, the marketplace discusses the freelancer’s work history pinpointing the skill sets they have experience in. Freelancers are asked specific questions about their skills and are placed in real life scenarios to see how advanced their knowledge is.

Freelancers are also asked questions to make sure they are dedicated, ambitious, and hard-working professionals. Freelancers are asked about how they solve problems, work with clients, and uphold strong communication. Only the most qualified freelancers are allowed through the interview stage.

03: Best Practices and Terms of Use Test

Must prove understanding: expected response time, handling emergencies, using software, and best communication methods

The final step is introducing freelancers to 15+ pages of the Incluzion Marketplace Freelancer Best Practices and Terms of Use. Each freelancer is required to read the best practices and Terms of Use then prove they understand the key practices to work professionally with clients through Incluzion.

04: Onboarding

Obtaining all freelancer details needed to create their Incluzion account

If the freelancer makes it through the application, interview, and testing process, they are invited to provide information about their freelancing business. Once fully submitted, they are provided with a Incluzion account to start meeting clients.

05: All Freelancers Held to High Standards

Regular reminders of Incluzion Marketplace Terms of Use and best practices.

Each accepted freelancer is encouraged to follow Incluzion best practices as they accept their first clients to ensure that all freelancers within the Incluzion network are providing an exceptional service to clients. Freelancers that are not following the marketplace Terms of Use will be re-evaluated and potentially removed from the network.

Meet The Top 10%

Browse the three levels of freelancers that are available in the Incluzion network.

Basic Level

$5 to $10 per hour

Outside of the US

Basic level freelancers are perfect for businesses that already have systems and processes in place.


Mid Level

$10 to $30 per hour

US and outside of the US

Mid level freelancers are specialists that can take projects off your plate with their own processes.


Expert Level

$30 to $75+ per hour

US and outside of the US

Expert level freelancers are consultants and strategists helping you to organize and expand

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