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    Accomplished Certified Project Management Professional with experience in Product Management, Program Management, Agile, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban and SDLC. Highly skilled at managing software development and infrastructure projects across multiple industries in aviation, logistics, telecommunications, healthcare, ePayments and finance. Mastery of communication and collaboration skills contribute to success with diverse, cross-functional multi-national teams including offshore resources. Strategic project management skills effectively contributes to an organization success producing positive results and experience for customers and stakeholders. Excel in leadership roles that empower, inspire, teach and advocate for my team. Seek ways to improve processes and implement those changes.

    25 years experience 0 projects worked $52.00/hr $0 earned

  • Hernan

    Graduate student looking for full-time employment while studying part-time

    2 years experience 0 projects worked $60.00/hr $0 earned

    My name is Hernan Razo. I am currently a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. I am pursuing my bachelors and masters in computer science through the coterminal degree program.


    My current interests entail machine learning and artificial intelligence. Through internships and personal projects, I have honed the…

  • Oluwaseun

    Software Engineer with over 3 years experience in fintech, e-Commerce and e-Governance

    4 years experience 0 projects worked $15.00/hr $0 earned

    Software Developer motivated by innovation and revolution in the IT industry with a special passion for problem-solving through the application of technical skills. 

  • Ty

    Experienced communication professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

    4 years experience 0 projects worked $0 earned

    Experienced communication professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. 


    Full Stack Developer and Automated Monitoring architect with 16+ years of corporate experience in the IT space, and five years of independent web development consulting. I have a slight addiction to learning, so have become familiar with several coding languages and frameworks over the past years (i.e., Javascript, React, Angular, Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Python, PHP, Perl). Looking forward to seeing what organizations and projects I can lend my skills to.

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $70.00/hr $0 earned

    One half Full Stack Web Developer. One half Automated Monitoring / Solutions Architect. With over eighteen years of experience between the two, and familiarity with a multitude of programming languages, I am ready to help architect and build solutions that will help individuals and businesses thrive! I am a versatile, enthusiastic yet laid back, and resourceful professional who is able to quickly come up to speed in any setting, and proactively learn what is needed to execute successfully. Let me…

  • Efefiong

    Media Content Producer with 25 years plus experience .

    27 years experience 0 projects worked $10.00/hr $0 earned

    Over 20 years of synergized media and team building experience, enabled by content development insight. Use of new media for creative strategies and production directions founded on media arts and entertainment talents.  These are qualified by Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree, Communications Arts/Music (1992), University of Uyo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

  • Kerome

    Customer Service experience, looking for more opportunities

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $18.00/hr $0 earned

    As a highly motivated person  with strong communication and interpersonal skills, As a student I have been extensively involved in my school community, which has allowed me to develop strong interpersonal skills. My involvement in various events, including volunteer work and various positions, has allowed me to work closely with my peers while supporting the school community as a whole. These experiences have allowed me to develop strong time…

  • Thomas

    Empathetic designer with a fascination for building things and seeing what makes people tick, making UX an easy fit. Strives to design intuitive and useful products that people enjoy using and increase proficiency in the UX field. Team oriented and looking forward to collaborating and delivering high quality, user centered web designs and mobile apps.

    1 year experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr $0 earned

    I recently competed General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive bootcamp where I spent over 500 hours learning about UX best practices and familiarizing myself with multiple design programs. During the bootcamp I worked on 4 UX projects with sprints between 1 and 3 weeks. I look forward to meeting other UX designers and honing my UX skills on various projects.

  • Mia

    Practicing user centric design process for a decade.

    10 years experience 0 projects worked $45.00/hr $0 earned

    Over the past decade, I have connected my knowledge of product and industry standards back to the user’s experience of online shopping as a Product Developer and Technical Designer. 


    I completed…

  • Gwendolyn

    Accountant with over 10 years experience in For Profit and Non Profit with a focus on providing excellent administrative support

    20 years experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr $0 earned

    Experienced and flexible Staff Accountant with a demonstrated history of working in For Profit and Non Profit industries. Quick learner and able to adapt to changes and software conversions, Looking for new opportunities to bring positivity and cohesiveness to a dynamic team.

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