What Makes the Incluzion
Marketplace Different?

We focus on diverse freelance talent within our network.

We only let the top 10% of applicants into the network.

We protect businesses with our no turnover guarantee.

How It Works

1. Submit a Request

After creating an account, submit a “request for talent” based on the skills required.

2. Hire the Best Fit

Review candidates and have a 15-20 minute interview. Then hire the best candidate for the job.

3. Milestones/Chat

Use Incluzion’s platform to set payment milestones, share files and more.

4. Pay Securely

Payment is held in escrow and only released to talent when milestones are approved.

Three Levels of Talent

On-Demand talent available for jobs of all sizes.

Entry Level

$15 to $30 per hour

US and outside of the US

Entry level talent are perfect for businesses that already have systems and processes in place.


Mid Level

$30 to $75 per hour

US and outside of the US

Mid-level talent are specialists that can take projects off your plate with their own processes.


Expert Level

$75+ per hour

US and outside of the US

Expert level talent are consultants and strategists helping you to organize and expand

Data Scientists, Web Developers, Designers, Legal Services Experts, Internet Security Specialists, SEO Specialists, Blog Writers and more

Kimberly Harris


Front End Developer/Designer
1 year experience

Frontend Web Application Development, Web Interface Design, Website Design

Lorisa Griffith


Freelance Writer | Writing Consultant
2 years experience

Article & Blog Writing, Creative Writing, Editing & Proofreading

0 (1)
Damien Johnson


Video-Content Specialist/Video Editor
10 years experience

Photo Editing, Photography, Video Editing, Video Production

0 (6)
Shelia A. Huggins


Attorney | Business Strategist
15 years experience

Contract Law, Corporate Law, Non-Disclosure Agreement

Companies Are Getting It Done With Incluzion



It was crunch time for Go Together, Inc founder Kimberly Moore.  Moore is a tech startup founder that was scheduled to pitch her rideshare app CarpooltoSchool at SXSW in just a few days.  And although she could have used another talent marketplace to hire or asked her social media network for help, Kimberly wanted to connect with a diverse person like herself. Therefore, she turned to Incluzion and requested a freelancer through the platform to design a winning pitch deck. 

Kimberly M. was presented with several candidates but ultimately chose front-end developer and designer, Kimberly Harris.  Harris is employed as a software development intern and wanted to supplement her income.  Kimberly H. was able to reply to the request with a fee she was comfortable with and   Kimberly M’s budget.  After Kimberly M. (the client) uploaded the payment to escrow, Kimberly H. (the freelancer) promptly completed and returned the finished pitch deck. After Kimberly M marked the job as complete, Kimberly H. was distributed payment minus the 10% Incluzion platform fee. 

The result: Kimberly Moore won $10,000 at SXSW for her pitch!!!

Jibril Sulaiman & Maxine Cain  | CEO & COO of Incluzion

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